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This is not a trend. This is a Lifestyle.

Working out and doing exercise takes discipline, but once you realize that moving your muscles and getting your blood pumping is a way of life, you’ll either make it a priority or you’ll leave it on the sidelines. Either way, you’ll see the side effects!

The hardest thing is finding a stride and maintaining consistency. Don’t do it for the “summer body” or the “new years eve’s resolutions” we all know that’s bullshit, another generic fad. Do it because you want to make YOU better. We only get 1 body in this life, there are no second chances. Knowing this, everyday I work towards improving my habits by using observation and accountability. Only you can improve you, so observe yourself and take note, making small changes as you go along. Poquito, poquito, suave suavecito 😉

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Over the last few years my workout regiment has mostly consisted of running, biking, dance workouts and gym life. Running is one of my favorite ways to get my exercise in, but I’ve never been a fan of running on the treadmill I’m an outdoor runner kinda girl. There are several fun routes to take, whether it’s the Brickell Key loop, from downtown to Miami Beach via the Venetian Causeway, or the Key Biscayne Bridge. I also bike these routes or run with the Brickell Run Club on Tuesdays. Miami is a great city to tour, who said burning calories had to be boring? Get out and explore your city.

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Side note – I used to roller blade. I’m currently looking for a pair to purchase and get started again. It’s a great workout for your legs and it’s so much fun! I’ll also change it up by doing some activities with Team Vinchay, check out their website for their calendar of events 🙂

miami workout tips

Gym life consists mostly of using the elliptical, the stepper, and then getting on the matt & floor for various workouts. Some of these exercises include planking, my youtube workout playlist, squats & stretching. Though I do need to integrate weights in my training more, working on it. Another thing I like to do on occasion is go to Barry’s Bootcamp in Midtown, for $30 per class they kick your butt and it’s a great way to mix it up.

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The products that I use are also an important part of my workout lifestyle as they complete the whole package. My 3 Favorite Products are:

  • Orgain Organic Protein Plant Based Powder, I love the creamy chocolate fudge flavor! It has 21 grams of protein with no added sugar. I drink it with almond milk or water, but normally opt for the former. This is great as a meal replacement or pre/post workout! Another product that I’ve used for awhile thanks to a recommendation from Team Vinchay, is BPI sports Best BCAA – Peptide linked branched chain aminos. Excellent for muscle recovery & lean muscle, I drink it as a pre or post work out with water. Last but not least is Bragg’s Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, yes you read that right vinegar. I take a shot of it mixed with either water or lemonade in the morning on an empty stomach! Then I drink some water as a chaser as it can be a bit bitter, the lemonade helps a lot though! Apple Cider is excellent for your stomach and digestive system.
    workout tips

In terms of schedule, I usually opt to complete my workouts in the morning or evening, aiming to workout at least 4-5 times per week. The best thing to do is to keep track, if you guess the best chance is that you are missing some days! Consistency is key. So much so, that according to studies, after just 5 days of not working out you’re pretty much back at square 1 – even if you were on your workout game days prior. Just another indicator that exercise is not “another thing that you need to check off your to do list” but rather something that boost your energy levels, helps clear your mind and is a mechanism that is actually needed by your body to keep your system running smoothly. Remember you only get 1 body, how will you treat it?
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