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What’s the big deal about Halloween anyway?

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From school girls, to bunnies, to sexy cops and angels the generic list of Halloween costumes just goes on and on. As you’d probably caught on by now, I’m not a huge Halloween fan.. but in the end, I usually give in one way or another to enjoying spooky costumes, haunted houses and most importantly lots of yummy candy! In case you were wondering, my favorite is chocolate. 😉

Over the years I’ve chosen overly generic costumes like a nurse, I was a Freshman in College give me a break, I was bunny in Sophmore year, I’ve also been a genie, the easy go-to cat look, and my favorite so far, a lifeguard. Yes, not very creative costumes but hey I did say I wasn’t a big fan!

Anyway, this year I am sticking to my “let’s do the bare minimum for Halloween” motto. I’m considering to be “A girl has no costume” from Game of Thrones, OR a bunny. Decisions, decisions..

The reason I’m thinking to be a bunny is because I already have the ears. I meant to wear them last year but since I ordered them from France and of course last minute, they arrived after Halloween and I ended up having to get a less expensive alternative/knock off at Aldo that were more like cat ears. But why order the GOT shirt when I already have a costume right? Ha. It’s decided. I’m going to be a bunny this year. I actually really like the lace, bunny ears look, if you’re like me and don’t really care to dress up, this is a great go-to look. Wear a dress or pretty much any outfit, put on your ears and voila, you have a sexy Halloween costume! Get yours on Etsy here. The designer hasn’t posted anything new lately, but you can check out more pics on her Instagram page.

What will I be doing this year? Not sure yet, in Miami there’s always some party to go to.

Coming up next: Work out grind or My top Boutiques, hmm. 


  • FYI – According to Zillow, the best cities to Trick or Treat are: Philadelphia, San Jose, San Francisco, Milwaukee & Los Angeles. Damn it Miami didn’t even make top 20. You can bet I’ll still find some candy tho!