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Fall in Cherry Hill

Philly Thanksgiving

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I’ve been slacking on new blog posts lately but I have some new time management tactics that I’m implementing that should help with that. I’ll loop you into my productivity and grinding techniques soon, time management is everything.

In other news, Thanksgiving was fun. If you celebrated it, I hope you had a great time with your family and friends. <3

Thanksgiving Table Thanksgiving Philadelphia

In my usual last minute style, I got a ticket on Tuesday and headed out the next night to Philadelphia right in time for Thanksgiving. My first time in Philly, I was ready to try some Philly cheese steaks! 🙂

As I landed, the air was crisp and definitely jacket weather but not too cold, the fall temperatures still lingered. Since I have no family in Miami, it was nice to visit my friend from UM and all of his family members and some friends, many of whom I had previously met. I was happy to see familiar jovial faces ready to enjoy in conversation, games and yummy food.

Fall in Cherry Hill Cherry Hill

My friend Tyler, whom I’ve been friends with since junior year of college, grew up in Cherry Hill New Jersey a nice quaint neighborhood outside the hustle and bustle of the city. His family home was beautiful, a 12-bedroom estate with everything you can think of including a library, a game room, and tasteful Thanksgiving decorations all throughout. As a real estate agent, I’ve seen a lot of breathtaking homes but I quickly realized that the real estate in Cherry Hill was a whole different ball game.

Cherry Hill Philadelphia Thanksgiving Cherry HillHome Library in Cherry Hill Home Library

I had a great time while visiting and though I didn’t get to explore all of the traditional tourist spots, like the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia museum of art, the Liberty Bell, or the Love Park, I got to enjoy the city, it’s iconic architecture and it’s history. Since I arrived the night before thanksgiving and only stayed 3 days, it definitely wasn’t enough time to see everything but I did make sure to stop by at Pat’s King of Steaks, opened since 1930! The line was pretty long since we went on a Saturday, so I would recommend going on a weekday and ordering the Cheese Steak with cheese whiz delicious! I also had the same order at another random restaurant and the Cheese Steak was just as good, so if you’re ever going to eat Cheese Steaks Philly is the place to do it. 😉

Pat's King of Steaks

On my last night, we went bar hopping and then had dinner at the renowned Del Friscos restaurant. The restaurant was actually once a bank, sporting high ceilings with charming embroidered details along with draped balconies, a bank volt for more intimate dinners, and a 3-story wine tower serving as the centerpiece of the dinner hall. Definitely 5-star dining, with mouthwatering steaks. Yummm.

Del Friscos Del Frisco's Steak

As we walked back to drop off some friends at their hotel, I noticed something across the street at the City Hall building. Seemed like an ice ring… could it be?! I was delighted to find out it was! A large ice ring, open late, $15 per person and ready for some fun. I hadn’t hit the ice in ages but I got in my groove after a few laps. I forgot how fun ice skating is!

City Hall Ice SkatingCity Hall Philadelphia

I had a fun trip and it’s funny because I remember when my friend first asked me to go visit Philly and I said word for word, “why would I ever go there? mmm no.” Ha! I thought it would be an uninteresting city, but I’m glad I was proved wrong. 🙂

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