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Declutter Yourself

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You know that drawer where you might find batteries alongside a hairbrush? You know.. the unofficial “everything” drawer? If you answered yes, then chances are you have one of those in your home. Now let’s take it a step further, what about your closets.. are they filled with things you need and use? Or do some spaces resemble a pile of mayhem?

I asked myself these same questions which were at times hard to swallow when it came to objects that I attached memories to, things I associated with but maybe had no use for. The more objectively I looked around, the more I realized I was harboring bags of clutter and junk in my apartment. So much so that when I finally completed the “spring cleaning” mission, I threw away multiple large bags and had some to donate. Much more junk than I ever expected.


This year has been my de-clutter year and now I’m an avid ‘de-clutterer’. Decluttering is a science and if you’re not paying attention you’ll end up like me with bags and bags of things that don’t work, you don’t need or don’t fit you. The first step? Start by sections. Identify the areas in your home that are filled with things you probably haven’t looked at in a long time or areas in your home you know you’ve been avoiding. I for example, have a closet in my hallway near the entrance, at first all we put in there were suitcases. Then as time went along, we just kept piling things in there and closing the door to the unknown abyss. Next thing you know, the closet had become one of the most cluttered places in the apartment.

But it wasn’t only the hallway closet, it was the drawers in the kitchen, the outdated magazines, the junk-filled dresser, my personal closet and the list just kept on going. Since there was so much to do, I started by identifying all of the places that could use a refresh and started decluttering each section one day at a time. I first tackled my bedroom closet, then moved on to the hallway and so on. By the time I finished I had multiple piles of donation bags, who I donated to the veterans, and too many trash bags filled to the brim. But when it was all over, I felt lighter, cleaner, refreshed.

Declutter apartment

As we go about our day to day lives we forget how many things we accumulate along the way. Many times we bring things home and just keeping adding to the piles of things we don’t need. This year has taught me to detach and stay light, only keeping things that match who I am today not 1999, and things that I actually use or need. Remember, at many times someone’s trash is another’s treasure. So let’s give away things we don’t need and throw away all the trash. Stay light my friends.


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  1. Virtual Private Servers - August 4, 2017 8:39 pm

    Better, schedule larger blocks of time, from two to four hours once or twice a week, for maximum declutter efficiency.