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13 Important things I’ve learned so far…

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I like to read a lot of different articles throughout the day and I’ve noticed a lot of them are discussing “things a certain demographic should know.” Some of the ones I’ve read have been kind of corny and unrelatable while others have sparked interest and reflection.

The list quoted below is one that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I wonder if you’ll agree?

Lisa B.

“I’m in my 20’s and here are 13 IMPORTANT things I have learned so far…..

1. EVERTHING always works out no matter how bad. It just may not be how you want it to. Accept it.

2. Never live above your means, pay your sh*t.

3. If someone really cares for you then you will KNOW it. No need to analyze every text/convo.

4. Take care of yourself, you only get one body!

5. Your parents were right.

6. Not everyone who you think is your friend is actually your friend. You will know who they are.

7. Life “plans” are more of a guide, they will not always turn out the way you want.

8. The only person to blame for you being unsuccessful is your self.

9. Laugh…..ALOT. It will make you feel better.

10. Learn from the past and then let go of it along with any ill feelings.

11. Don’t be afraid to say NO, people will take advantage of you.

12. Enjoy yourself as much as you can!

13. Follow your instincts. 9 out of 10 times you know the real deal with people or situations it’s just a matter of choosing to believe that instinct or not.


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Lisa B.